Festive Dog Sings Along To “White Christmas” By The Three Tenors

It’s the holiday season, and one way that many people like to celebrate is by singing along to Christmas tunes.

There’s just something about Christmas music that really brings in the holiday spirit. As it turns out, it’s not just humans that can enjoy some good Christmas music but our pets can as well!

Photo: YouTube/BestDogsLifeUK

Hugo is a prime example of that, as he loves singing along to music that his owners play for him.

The golden retriever loves to sing so much that his owners even started the YouTube channel BestDogsLifeUK to share videos of their “Opera Dog.”

Photo: YouTube/BestDogsLifeUK

In a recent video, Hugo can be seen watching the television and he seems rather interested in what’s playing.

On the screen, you can see a YouTube video playing that shows The Three Tenors performing the classic “White Christmas” song, as seen in the video below:

Hugo seems to be enjoying the song and it’s not long before he hops up and joins in! With some barks and howls, Hugo sings “White Christmas” with so much enthusiasm. It’s adorable!

The dog really gets into the holiday spirit to sing along and it’s so cute to watch.

Photo: YouTube/BestDogsLifeUK

Hugo’s owner shared on YouTube that the pup “loves walks on the beach, playing with his friends, eating, watching operas and singing with his favourite singer Pavarotti.” They added that his favorite song of all time is “Nessun Dorma” by Giacomo Puccini, “which he loves to sing every day.”

You can see him perform “White Christmas” in the video below:

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