Dog’s Amazing Katy Perry Duet with Owner Brings Smiles and Joy to Thousands Online

There are many ways we bond with our dogs, such as watching movies together, playing in the backyard, hiking, swimming, beachcombing, dancing, and taking road trips together.

Yes, from everyday activities to big adventures, our dogs love being part of almost everything we do.

Photo: Tiktok/thepamquinn

How about singing? Have you tried singing with your dog?

You will be surprised to find out that there are quite a number of them who are ready to try anything with their owner, including showing off their unique musical talent.

Meet Casper, whose Katy Perry duet with his lady owner has won them more than a half million views on Tiktok!

Photo: Tiktok/thepamquinn

But hey, it is just one of their awesome numbers together. TikTok user @thepamquinn has a lot of videos of her and Casper singing their hearts out. Her dog definitely enjoys music as much as she does, with several videos of Casper showing just how eager he is to learn more notes!

This Katy Perry duet, I Kissed a Girl, has won Casper many praises for timing and musical howling!

“This is incredible!!! Your voice is angelic and Casper is beyond adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰,” comments one Tiktok user.

Photo: Tiktok/thepamquinn

“Nicely paced this time. He wisely went for quality not volume 👏👏,” applauds another.

“Omg that was sooooooo cute thanks so much and ur a fantastic singer….” this person is overwhelmed with joy, too.

“This has to be my favourite account on Tik Tok! Love it! How does Casper know to come in at the chorus? That’s amazing..,” another individual expresses delight.

Enjoy watching this video for inspiration to sing with your own dog the next time!


He Kissed a Girl and he liked it 💋🐾 #ikissedagirl @katyperry #singingdog #duet #nailedit #fyp

♬ original sound – thepamquinn

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