Hilarious Dog Creates a Mess, Then Puts the Blame on Its Sibling

Living with a sibling will fill your days with excitement, fun, and annoyance. You can treat them as a friend, but the relationship is never complete without making fun of each other. They can be your greatest confidante and also your sworn enemy. That’s what makes sibling relationships wonderful and interesting. At the end of the day, all of you will be laughing at the immaturity and immense fun you had together. Fascinatingly, humans aren’t the only ones sharing a playful dynamic with their brothers and sisters. Animals act similarly toward their actual or pet siblings. The house becomes warmer and rowdier with their interactions. Sometimes a mess created by them will make you laugh — stopping you from completely scolding them.

Photo: Instagram/doggy_delightful

The internet has countless videos showing sibling relationships between animals. Pet parents are generous enough to share hilarious and heartwarming moments. Those videos can certainly complete your day — making you laugh or smile even when you’re feeling down. This reel of dog siblings being interrogated by their human mom is the perfect example. She found a mess on the floor, which seemed to be shredded papers. The dogs were asked about the culprit when one of the Labradors pointed to the other.

Photo: Instagram/doggy_delightful

Apparently, the Labrador that blamed its sibling, Cody, was the dog behind the mess. As a response, Cody became defensive and was ready to fight for the truth. The hilarious moment between the Labrador siblings is an accurate depiction of a sibling relationship. It was determined to blame others to avoid punishment from Mom. The reel was so entertaining that it gained 34.4 million views, 1.4 million likes, and over 8k comments. Netizens had fun in the comment section — sharing humorous interpretations and thoughts about the siblings.

Apart from finding the video funny, other Instagram users were worried for the dog that blamed Cody. They were bothered by the way Cody nudged his sibling toward the wall. Nevertheless, it seems like normal behavior, especially since they are dogs. Worries aside, the reel has made a lot of people happy, especially those that can relate to blaming their other siblings for the mess they made. Share the video with your brother or sister. You’ll certainly have a good laugh remembering the times when all of you would do anything to escape scolding or punishment.

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