Dog Won’t Stop Barking At Pregnant Mom And Ends Up Saving Her Life

Alhanna Butler was 18 weeks pregnant when she nearly died from a terrible infection that would’ve taken her life and the life of her unborn child.

Thankfully, she was able to get medical attention just in the nick of time and she credits that all to her dog, an 18-month-old Akita named Keola.

Photo: Alhanna Burdis

On Facebook, Alhanna explained that when she became pregnant, friends told her she should “get rid of” Keola. Perhaps they were worried the large dog would pose a safety threat to a little baby, or simply require too much time and energy for a new mom to handle.

Photo: Alhanna Burdis

Alhanna didn’t listen though and she kept Keola, a decision she thinks saved her life.

The mom shared that when she was pregnant, she was suffering from back pain that the doctors dismissed as regular pregnancy pains.

Photo: Alhanna Burdis

Keola seemed to sense it was more than that though, and he barked and stared at Alhanna. The pregnant mama thought it was strange that her dog was barking at her, so she took herself to the hospital for a check-up and that’s where they discovered she had a “life-threatening infection.”

Alhanna shared that the doctors caught the infection “just in time before it killed me,” and she believes it was Keola’s barking that really saved the day. If the dog hadn’t barked at her strangely, she wouldn’t have gone to the hospital. Sometimes our pets just know.

Since the pregnancy scare, Alhanna went on to have her baby and Keola and the little baby were instantly inseparable.

The two continued to spend plenty of time together as months went on, with Keola being a watchful companion.

Years passed, and Alhanna had a second baby! Keola stepped right up to be protective and caring of that child too.

You can keep up with Keola and the kids on their Facebook page, Keola and Lincolns adventures.

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