Hero Dog Saves Owner From Kansas House Fire

Dogs are well-known for their loyalty to their humans, and that loyal often extends beyond just being happy to see them when they come home. It can often mean that they will warn their owners of danger and do everything in their power to save them from that danger as well.

One dog in Wichita, Kansas did just that – saving her owner’s life from a grisly death.

Photo: YouTube/KAKE News

According to KAKE News, Monroe is a 6-year-old dog who loves her owner, Tyler Revel. One night, Revel fell asleep while watching a football game. It was then that his house had caught fire, but because he was asleep, he had no immediate knowledge of the danger he was in.

Monroe wasn’t about to let anything bad happen to him. She began to try and wake Revel through a series of whines and pawing at him. At first, Revel just tried to shoo her away, but she persisted. Eventually, her constant nudging and whining were enough to rouse him from his sleep.

Photo: YouTube/KAKE News

When he woke, he was confused as to why he couldn’t breathe properly, and that’s when he saw the smoke. He had just enough time to grab Monroe and hurry out of the house before the fire got out of control and engulfed his home. It was a tragic incident, but it could’ve been much worse had Monroe not acted when she did.

According to the news station, said afterward: “She [Monroe] didn’t even hesitate. She knew something was wrong and she had to get me out of there. And that’s what she did.”

Photo: YouTube/KAKE News

According to WLWT 5, Revel added, “She’s my best friend, man. She’s a good dog. She’s a good dog. She’s my hero right now. And I really, I’m really proud of her.”

He also stated, “I think if she wasn’t there I would not make it out alive.”

The entire experience really shook Revel and gave him a new outlook, saying, “I think we take a lot for granted. All that stuff in there isn’t what matters, they can all be replaced. She can’t like I can’t. I’m just… It is a humbling experience.”

Photo: YouTube/KAKE News

Sadly, there was one victim of the fire and Revel was heartbroken to learn that his cat, Boo, had been killed in the fire. At first, he was hopeful that the feline had escaped and had just run off, but it was later confirmed that Boo died in the fire.

In an effort to help Revel get back on his feet, his family started a fundraiser page for him with his sister, Kimberly Revel, writing on the page, “My brother has a huge heart and always gives to others when he can,” she said. “In the spirit of giving, especially around the holidays, Im’ asking if you would feel called to give a donation of any amount to help my brother rebuild his life in a time of need.”

Watch this video below:

What do you think of Monroe’s brave actions? Has your dog ever warned you of potential danger before? Let us know!

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