Hero Dog Saves Owner’s Life During A House Fire

What is it that makes you appreciate your pet dog?

Like many people, you probably love their personality and the unconditional love and friendship they provide.

Photo: YouTube/WQAD News 8

Although that is true, there are also times when we hear about dogs stepping up to the plate and doing some truly amazing things. That is certainly how the owner of Monroe, a six-year-old pit bull, felt when his dog became an unexpected hero.

Tyler Revel was watching a football game on Sunday when he fell asleep. As he was napping, his dog jumped on the bed and started nudging his head and whining.

Photo: YouTube/WQAD News 8

He told KAKE that it was similar to a whimper.

When he finally came to his senses, he saw that black smoke had filled the entire house. He could hardly see or breathe, but he grabbed his dog and ran down the hall. When he passed the bedroom, he had a difficult time getting past the flames.

Photo: YouTube/WQAD News 8

According to KAKE, he said: “We got out in the nick of time, man. Just really lucky. I think if she wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have made it out alive for sure.”

The house was a total loss but Revel is thankful for his dog. He said that the stuff in the house isn’t what matters, his beloved dog can’t be replaced and he feels that it is a humbling experience.

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