Dog Becomes Hero After Saving Her Mom From A Speeding Car

If there’s one thing that we know about the dogs we have in our lives, is the fact that they are willing to do almost anything for us.

They are there when we need them the most, and they are there for us when we just need a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes, however, we hear about dogs who step up to the plate and do something amazing. That is exactly what Orla did.

Photo: Facebook/Kimberley Bridges

It all started when Kimberly Bridges was out walking her Boxer-Staffy mix. Things seem to be going well, but suddenly, Orla did something totally unexpected.

Orla pulled on her leash so hard that it actually dragged Kimberly toward her. This may have even been frustrating to Kimberly, but her attitude changed when she saw the camera footage from her neighbor.

Photo: Facebook/Kimberley Bridges

When you see the video played out in slow motion, you recognize just how much of a hero Orla became on that day. Kimberly was running after her dog, and the car, which was traveling at about 70 mph swerved off of the road and almost struck her.

In speaking with The Dodo, Kimberly said that both she and her dog were pretty lucky. She said: “It was a lot faster in real-time than what I expected.”

Photo: Facebook/Kimberley Bridges

As is often the case in these types of situations, the details were a little blurry for Kimberly. She heard a woman screaming as the 4 x 4 hit another vehicle and spun out onto the sidewalk. The driver of the car was safe and the other car in the accident was found later, but it had been abandoned.

Orla was a little shaken up when they got home but Kimberly didn’t realize exactly why until she saw the video footage. She had recently adopted Orla, and now she couldn’t be happier.

Posted by Kimberley Bridges on Friday, July 22, 2022

She said: “We [always] loved her very much and knew she was very special. But I guess [now] I owe her my life, so she gets even more treats. Extra belly rubs, too.”

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