Heroic Dog Runs Into Fire To Save Kitten Trapped In Burning Building

Since Russia invaded Ukraine back in late February 2022, the country has been in the spotlight. There are regular stories circulating from Ukraine about people or animals overcoming all odds or doing heroic deeds.

However, one sweet Malinois pup rose to fame in Ukraine and around the world far before 2022 for his heroic act of saving a kitten from a fire.

Photo: Flickr/spoilt.exile License: CC BY-SA 2.0

According to the French site Planimaux, it was back in 2015 that an explosion erupted from a defense industry building in Donetsk, Ukraine and caused a massive fire to spread to surrounding areas.

Firefighters quickly worked to eliminate the flames, but the fire was spreading quickly and ravishing the nearby homes, but it was one Malinois shepherd that really became a hero.

Photo: Pixabay/Николай Егошин

Денис Карлов (Twitter user @Denis_Karlov) tweeted (translated) that “as soon as it was released from the chain” the dog ran straight into a burning house to rescue a tiny kitten that likely would’ve gone unnoticed by human firefighters.

He added, “Animals are sometimes more human than people.” Карлов included a photo in his tweet of the dog holding the tiny kitten in his mouth.

Since being posted, the photo has circulated wide and far, bringing the heroic pup to the spotlight.

Dogs really are something special.

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