Dog Runs Into The Ocean To Fetch Stick For Friend Who’s Afraid Of The Waves

Our dogs each have their own different little personalities. Every pet owner knows this. No two dogs are ever the same.

What one dog might like, another might not be so thrilled about. When it comes to matters of water, we’d assume that all dogs love to get wet.

But that isn’t exactly true. Not all dogs are as thrilled about the water as we’d assume them to be. One precocious little pooch showed her dainty side while enjoying a day at the beach.

Photo: TikTok/@ladyandtheblues

Lady is a dog that truly lives up to her name. While she enjoys a trip to the beach just like anyone, she does have her limits.

She loves to lay out on the sand beneath an umbrella or play fetch. However, when it comes to matters of the water, Lady simply refuses to get her paws wet. She is not a big fan. However, she doesn’t let that stop her from partaking in a friendly game of fetch.

Photo: TikTok/@ladyandtheblues

But Lady is clever. Instead of running into the water to get the stick herself, she gets a friend to do it for her. In a very adorable video, you can see Lady standing at the water’s edge, watching intently as her buddy, Maui, charges straight into the water in order to retrieve a stick for her.

Once Lady’s friend is within reach, she grabs the stick and races over to her owner with it! It’s a team effort and it keeps Lady dry.

Photo: TikTok/@ladyandtheblues

How cute and clever is that?

Watch the TikTok clip down below:

@ladyandtheblues Team work makes the dream work🐶✨ #teamwork #foryourpage #dogsofttiktok #dogfriend #funnydog ♬ A Man Without Love – Engelbert Humperdinck

What do you think of Lady at the beach? Does your dog react the same way? Let us know!

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