After Being Stolen from Her Family, Dog Spent Five Years Trying to Find Her Way Back Home

“It was emotional for all of us,” said Tanya Ohanian, canine director of Evanston Animal Shelter. “I think we were all in tears.”

You, too, will be touched upon learning about this dog’s story. She was found in Cook County, Illinois, and mistaken for a stray.

Photo: Facebook Video/Tanya Ohanian

Upon rescuing the dog and taking her to the safety of the animal shelter, Ohanian found out that the pup has a microchip, which means she has an owner. But, unfortunately, the information was not updated, and so it presented a serious problem. They knew the dog’s owner must be missing it, but how could they locate them when the essential data was not available?

It was fortunate that there is a local organization that can help with this kind of dilemma called Microchip Hunters. They were able to uncover the dog’s past, including its name, Dottie, and the shocking fact that she has been missing for 5 years!

Photo: Facebook Video/Tanya Ohanian

Immediately, Ohanian contacted Dottie’s family, who were all incredulous upon hearing the news! Dottie was taken from them years ago by unknown people, and they have been looking for her despeately.

“I cried many nights about it,” George Loving told The Dodo.

Dottie’s family was so excited to be reunited with their dog; at the same time they were worried that she would not be able to recognize them.

Photo: Facebook Video/Tanya Ohanian

But all of their worries were unnecessary! Dottie immediately sought their loving touch and was obviously filled with as much joy as they were!

Everybody could not help crying. The dog spent five years looking for her loved ones and finally found her way back home.

At last, her lonely quest has come to an end. She’s back in the loving arms of her owners and the warmth of her forever home.

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