Bernese Mountain Dog Refuses To Come Back Inside During A Snow Storm

Sometimes, you just can’t fight biology, and there is no better video to exemplify this, than the TikTok video of Ivy.

You see, Ivy is a Bernese mountain dog. That means her breed was built for the snow.

Photo: TikTok/@ivytheberner

More than that, her breed likes the snow, as her owner saw all too well during a snowstorm.

For most of us, the thought of being out in the snow while it’s snowing sounds like hell. No one wants to stand there in the freezing cold while the winds are blowing snow around, right? Wrong.

Photo: TikTok/@ivytheberner

Apparently, Ivy loves that kind of weather. Much to the chagrin of her owner, she did not want to go back inside. She even refused to go back inside. Ivy wanted to spend her time outside enjoying the season’s first snowfall.

While that might be okay during the day, Ivy’s refusal to listen to her owner came right before bedtime, when it was midnight!

Photo: TikTok/@ivytheberner

Good luck with that! Guess you really can’t fight biology on this one.

Watch Ivy refusing to come inside in the video below:

@ivytheberner Replying to @jcalkins hopefully this answers your question 😂 #bernesemountaindog #snow #dog ♬ Elf – Main Theme – Geek Music

Do you have a dog who loves the snow? Let us know!

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