Dog Startles Himself With His Own Farts

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, despite how much we try to hold it in, a little booty toot makes its escape.

For the most part, it’s just embarrassing for us humans to accidentally let one rip in public or in front of people we’re not really comfortable with. But it’s a different story for our pets – particularly our dogs.

Photo: YouTube/crippledcreature

For them, the experience can be downright mystifying at times. Take Dozer for example!

This pooch really can’t stand the sounds that farts make. In fact, when Dozer lets out one of his own, he looks at his backside to see what exactly is going on.

Photo: YouTube/crippledcreature

When his owner asks him about it, he looks confused. However, when she makes a fart sound, he gets this really confused look before he looks at his butt and then runs away. This silly dog and his antics got quite a reaction from people on the internet.

In fact, it seemed like people everywhere couldn’t stop commenting on YouTube, with one person writing, “I have watched and watched the heck out of this video and his facial expressions crack me up every time. I love this dog. He is so cute!”

Photo: YouTube/crippledcreature

Someone else wrote, “I can’t stop watching this, LOL. It’s so cute & funny to watch!”

Watch Dozer’s hilarious reactions below:

How cute is Dozer? Such a silly boy!

What do you think of Dozer’s reactions? Does your dad ever react in a similar manner? Let us know!

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