German Shepherd Is So Jealous of Cat that She Forbids Their Owner from Petting the Feline

Did you know that dogs can get jealous too?

A German shepherd named Sam makes numerous internet users laugh and smile with her jealous reaction to a cat housemate. More than a million have already watched the video, and it continues to entertain more people on Tiktok.

Photo: Tiktok/thatshepherdsam

Well, you cannot blame Sam, since she and her owner were spending some serene moments together when suddenly this cat — unfortunately, a housemate of hers — appeared.

The audacious kitty did not only break the sweet mood, but it wanted to divert their owner’s attention from Sam to itself. This housemate of hers continued walking beside Sam, obviously asking to be petted right in her presence!

Photo: Tiktok/thatshepherdsam

Sam warned her cat housemate to back off with angry paw slaps. But when their owner was about to pet the intruder, that was when Sam lunged forward to stop her from showing affection to the “nuisance” kitty.

The video evokes a lot of laughter because the dog reacted like a spoiled brat! She wants her parent’s attention only to herself. And she’s ready to quarrel with anyone who’s a threat!

But really, dogs can be possessive of their owners, food, or toys according to WebMD. However, in spite of their human-like jealous behaviors, their feelings of jealousy are different from ours. It has something to do more with social hierarchy, which is inherent in these animals.

That is why it is always important to treat pets fairly and to show them the same amount of affection. Dogs are skilled in reading human social cues, so we must refrain from showing favoritism.

Photo: Tiktok/thatshepherdsam

When jealous behavior becomes a problem, you can consult a dog behavior specialist who can help you train your dog and guide you in becoming a real leader of your pack.

Meanwhile, here are some of the funny comments from Tiktok users:

One of them writes: “He’s like ‘don’t you dare touch that cat.'”

Another says, “He’s like ‘Are you serious?! Right in front of me?!'”

This person, on the other hand, sees the similarity between Sam and their own dog: “Omg my gsd does the same exact thing. Angry paw slaps.”

While another comments, “Cat looked like he was abt to cry.”


She can’t even believe I was about to pet the cat… absolutely flabbergasted

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