Young Girl Was Saved from a Rattlesnake’s Venomous Bite by a Brave Rescue Dog

Dogs never stop being heroes, whether they are trained K9s or family pets. Even stray dogs are capable of saving a human being from a dangerous situation. Heroism just comes naturally to them — making them admirable creatures that deserve all the pets and good treats in the world. They have checked all the green flags — proving that they are worthy to be adopted. With a dog in the house, you’ll have an instant friend, sibling, guardian, companion, and protector. Any human close to them is part of their pack, and their loyalty is ineffable. Your children would be lucky to grow up with a caring dog — they don’t only have a playmate but also an extra parent.

Photo: Youtube/ABC News

Dogs express gratitude to their family in various ways. They are prepared to sacrifice their life if needed. Many households have experienced a dog’s bravery, and one of them is the DeLuca family. They have Haus, a two-year-old German Shepherd they rescued and adopted. His best friend is the seven-year-old girl, Molly — Haus would do anything for her. Haus wasn’t just Molly’s playmate but also her savior. In their home backyard, a hero was born as the German shepherd shielded his best bud from an approaching rattlesnake. Haus did not even think twice — he was ready to save Molly’s life no matter what it took.

Photo: Youtube/ABC News

The rattlesnake moved quickly, but Haus’s reflexes were fast as well. Molly’s grandmother witnessed the commotion and how their dog protected her granddaughter fearlessly. The heroic canine endured each bite to assure that the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake wouldn’t reach his best friend. Molly’s grandmother tried to step in the middle, but Haus was determined to protect his family. After the incident, they immediately transported the German shepherd to the hospital. Haus was bitten three times on his left front leg and arrived at the hospital bleeding profusely. Staff at Blue Pearl Vet Hospital provided him with treatments, mainly anti-venom.

However, the venom spread quickly to his veins, and the anti-venom didn’t work. They had to opt for an unorthodox treatment — giving the dog a continuous anti-venom drip to hinder further damage to his organs. It was nerve-wracking, and the family had to set up a GoFundMe page to support Haus’s survival. They needed to do everything to provide him with the best treatments. The DeLuca family couldn’t express their gratitude enough, and they are extremely thankful that Haus pulled through. A dog’s ability to love and care for humans is unfathomable. They are the physical form of bravery and unconditional love for a lot of people. Canines are indeed modern-day heroes — worthy of recognition and a forever home.

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