Dog Attempts To Snack On The Dashboard And Puts The Car In Drive

For many families, dogs tend to be homebodies, but for the Shearn family, it was time to take the dog along with them.

According to The Dodo, Paul Shearn was headed for his grandparent’s farm along with his family and they had Elvis along with them.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Elvis was with Paul when they went to the store to prepare for the trip. While they were away, the family was going to do some cooking and Paul had some bacon grease ready for seasoning a cast-iron skillet, so he put it in the car.

As you can imagine, there isn’t a dog on the face of the earth that can resist bacon. Paul, however, didn’t think much about it. The problem is, he had Elvis along with him and that dog had other things on his mind.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures

Paul was able to leave Elvis in the truck because he had the air conditioner running. He told him to be good and left, but he had forgotten all about the bacon grease that he left on the dashboard.

When Paul left the store, he was walking to the truck and there was a police officer walking in front of him. As they got closer to the truck, he realized they were going in the same direction.

According to The Dodo, when Paul looked over the police officer’s shoulder, he saw that his truck wasn’t in the same position where he left it. The front bumper was damaged and there was a sedan that was damaged as well.

Photo: flickr/Mike Mozart

It seems as if Elvis couldn’t resist the container of bacon grease behind the steering wheel and he shifted the car out of park. Since Paul had left the truck running, it moved forward and hit the sedan sitting in front of him.

Any type of accident can be stressful but fortunately, everyone seemed to take this in stride. Even the owner of the other vehicle involved in the accident saw the humor in it.

I guess there were several lessons learned that day.

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