Dog’s Loud Puking Interrupts Important Video Presentation For Ph.D. Student

A Ph.D. student was left internally mortified when her dog interrupted a large, important video call with his loud puking sounds.

Ellie Hurer is a Ph.D. Student in Structural Biology, according to Insider, she was speaking on camera during the 2021 European Inventor Award ceremony when her Labradoodle, Henry, began to vomit.

Photo: TikTok/@myphdexperience

She was allegedly speaking to an audience of thousands of people, including notable people in her field like world class scientists and Nobel laureates.

She shared a video of the call with the caption, “I cant even watch it anymore because i cringe so much.”

Photo: TikTok/@myphdexperience

In the clip, she wrote: “My dog threw up in the background of me talking to a live audience of 30K+ people.”

“World class scientists/inventors/Nobel lauriettes were watching me,” she added.

Photo: TikTok/@myphdexperience

While she did a good job at holding her composure, you can tell her focus was dwindling with each noise from her dog. The dog continued to get louder, and Ellie continued to get quieter.

You can see (and hear) it for yourself below:

@myphdexperience I cant even watch it anymore because i cringe so much 😂🥲 #dogbarf #funnydog #funnydogs #zoommeetingfails #embarrassing ♬ original sound – Ellie Hurer

Poor Ellie! Hopefully her dog ended up being ok too.

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