Australian Shepherd Learns Clever Way To Play With The Cat

Who says dogs and cats can’t be the best of friends? Mostly, it comes from those who’ve never had both living under the same roof before.

But for those of us who have both cats and dogs as pets together, we know just how playful the dynamics can get between these two animals. While they might be from different species, they do know how to bridge the gap.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Watching cats and dogs interact can provide hours of entertainment. As we’ve seen from countless TikToks and other internet videos, these animals can not only be quite silly together, but they can also be quite affectionate with each other as well.

It’s so heartwarming to watch. But, we have to admit that the playfulness shared between the different species is the best part. Watching cats and dogs play with one another is so funny.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

Usually, it’s the cat who has got the upper hand over the poor dog and will usually scare or play smack its canine playmate.

But one clever Australian shepherd dog has figured out a way to play with his feline companion without becoming the target. In fact, this smart pooch has figured out to play the cat’s favorite game: string attack.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

In the video below, an Australian shepherd intentionally dangles a piece of black string around on the ground for the cat to play with! It’s quite clever and produces endless fun.

Watch these two play around in the video below:

What do you think of this duo’s playtime? Does your dog play with your cat? How do they play? Let us know!

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