Home Security Camera Captures Dog Stealing Package From The Porch

With the innovation of online retail stores, more and more people are choosing to order things from their homes rather than going out to the store to make a purchase.

Online shopping is convenient, but it doesn’t come without disadvantages, like package thieves.

It’s such a disappointment to order something in the mail only to have it be nabbed by a thief.

Photo: Instagram/@datdudebarkley

Most people would assume package thieves are humans looking to make some extra cash, but as it turns out, they can also be animals!

In fact, a black lab named Barkley was caught on video sneakily stealing a USPS package from his owner’s porch in New York and running off with it.

Photo: Instagram/@datdudebarkley

The video was captured on the home’s security camera system and shows Barkley walking up to the porch and examining the package. He then grabs the box in his mouth and carries it away.

If there wasn’t video proof of who the thief was, Barkley likely would’ve gotten away with it! After all, most people wouldn’t suspect the sweet family dog was behind it.

Photo: Instagram/@datdudebarkley

Barkley’s owners, Jim and Kristin, shared the footage on Instagram, captioning it: “Package swiper on the loose.”

Check out the hilarious clip below:

You can keep up with Barkley on Instagram, @datdudebarkley.

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