Research Finds The Majority Of Dog Owners Want Pets Involved In Their Wedding

The wedding is perhaps one of the most important and sacred days in our lives. We plan everything out so that it goes perfectly and we are surrounded by the ones we love the most.

Perhaps that is why it might not come as a big surprise to realize that two-thirds of dog owners want their pets to be somehow involved in the wedding day. Some dogs may be bridesmaids, others could be ring bearers and there may even be a best man in there or two. It makes sense, considering dogs are man’s best friend.

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According to Express, 2000 dog owners were included in this survey. When they asked, they found out that 60% of those who were polled already knew somebody who had a dog at their wedding.

There were certain jobs that were more popular for dogs, such as ring bearers (50%), flower girls (17%), and attendants (13%). Perhaps the most surprising number is that about 9% were the best man for the groom.

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Of course, it takes some planning and preparation for anyone to get ready for a wedding and dog owners were more than happy to shell out $75 on average for their dog to be ready for the big day.

Amazon Handmade, an online wedding store, is the one that commissioned the poll. According to The Sun, Xavier Flamand, who works for that company, said: “This poll reflects the growing trend of newlyweds wanting to involve pets in their big day, whether it’s to walk them down the aisle or be a ringbearer.”

Photo: PIXNIO/Marko Milivojevic

Some other surprising facts that came to light include 93% saying that they thought the dog was part of the family and should be at the wedding. 76% said that guests would have a positive reaction to the dog being part of the ceremony.

You might also find it interesting that 70% said they asked if it was a dog-friendly location when they were looking for a venue. That’s a huge number!

The wedding is one thing, but what about the reception? 68% said they would have a pet dish prepared for their animal.


46% chose a special collar with a ring box for the big day but there were some other attire options, such as a custom suit (42%), bowtie (39%), floral caller (26%), and a custom dress (21%). That is only scratching the surface.

If you have a wedding coming up, are you going to include your special, furry friend?

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