Clever Dog Operates Tennis Ball Catapult To Play Fetch By Herself

Dogs are incredibly smart. Their intelligence and ability to understand and communicate with humans have made them one of the most beloved and valued animals on the planet.

They have a remarkable ability to learn and adapt to their surroundings, from learning basic survival skills to mastering complex tricks.

Photo: YouTube/George G

One rescue dog named Olive learned how to entertain herself in a rather clever way. While many dogs love playing fetch, that often requires human involvement. However, Olive learned how to play it by herself, and she did so with the help of a dog-operated tennis ball catapult!

The brilliant contraption was built by Olive’s owner, George Giavasis of Highline Design.

Photo: YouTube/George G

George shared a video of Olive testing the machine out, explaining: “Olive, the best dog in the world just got a new catapult. Here she is trying it out!”

In the video, Olive operates a “Toss-o-Matic model 3.5 …the only fully dog powered catapult in history.”

Photo: YouTube/George G

George said, “After looking fruitlessly online for plans for a dog operated catapult, I designed and built my own. Olive would still rather we throw the ball.”

See her testing the catapult in the video below:

In a follow-up video, you can see Olive has learned the ropes a little better and she confidently approaches the catapult and lets the tennis ball fly!

“Here we see Olive operating the first-ever recorded completely dog operated tennis ball catapult,” George says in the description. Check it out below:

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