Dog Refuses To Eat Her Food Unless It is Prepared How Dad Makes It

Kids aren’t the only picky eaters…meet a dog named Nairobi.

She only eats her kibbles when they are prepared just like how her dad makes them. Her mom, Chelsea, tried to feed her just her kibbles and the adorable pup refused to eat.

She simply stared at her bowl in disbelief and waited for her “special toppings”. It was a battle of wills and the pup won.

“She would rather starve then eat plain kibble! Lol,” shared her mom.

The pup let out a little growl to show her displeasure at the end of the video shared on TikTok. It has been viewed over a million times.

One viewer commented, “She’s thinking “This was NOT made with love’.” To which Chelsea replied, “What are you tryin to pull over here mom”.

Screenshot: TikTok/heyymrsscarterr

She was simply seeing if Nairobi would eat just her kibble as they were going to have a friend come and watch her, but it is clear she will not.

However, she will happily eat cat food if it is within reach.

In case you are wondering…yes, she is a daddy’s girl. Her dad explained, “I’m just the fav because, well what sweet lil daughter doesn’t love her daddy.”

The couple adopted Nairobi as a puppy, and she has made their life complete. The rescue dog is a mutt and an Embark Dog DNA test revealed she is Australian shepherd, boxer, pit bull, and miniature schnauzer. Even though some would say she is spoiled, who could resist her sweet face?!

Does your dog or cat demand a little something extra on their food?

Watch the viral video below.

@heyymrsscarterr The little growl at the end 😂 #rescuedog #spoiledpuppy #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Chelsea

Be sure to check out Chelsea’s TikTok for more adorable videos of Nairobi.

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