Allergy and Nasal Congestion? Here Are Some Things You Can Do for Your Dog to Ease These Problems

“I have 2 Shar Peis I feed cooked meats and veggies as well as grain-free foods. They frequently have allergies, stopped-up heads, and ear infections. They get yeasty ears, then they scratch and they get a stinky mouth … I’ve tried to use coconut oil. Is there anything you would recommend for the congestion that would be natural and help with the stinky breath smell?” asked Shawn on PetHelpful’s Ask A Vet section.

And definitely, it’s a problem that other dog owners have been experiencing with their pets who suffer from allergies. It’s not just worrisome; you also constantly feel frustrated when you’ve been trying to take very good care of your dog and yet you can see his discomfort.

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Here’s expert advice from Mark dos Anjos DVM concerning allergies and respiratory problems in dogs. Most dogs are afflicted with skin problems when they’re allergic to something, but not respiratory illnesses. However, allergies with nasal congestion are not uncommon in a Shar Pei. When an allergic dog experiences respiratory issues, the best thing to do is to minimize his exposure to the stuff that triggers the allergy.

Here are natural ways to ease your allergic dog’s itchy skin:

  • Eliminate any flea infestation, but don’t use chemicals that may further harm your dog’s health.
  • Use organic apple cider vinegar in rinsing your dog’s ears.
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  • Give your dog, if he’s medium-sized, a teaspoon of raw honey every day. If he’s big, give him a bit more. Make sure to buy only local raw honey, which contains local pollens that will help to desensitize your dog when allergy season comes.
  • You can also try an herbal remedy like echinacea, nettle, or licorice root.
  • Improve your dog’s diet along with the addition of omega fatty acids. You can also remove allergens in his food, like corn, wheat, and other grains. See if a natural diet is better for your pet since many commercial dog foods can cause allergies.
  • Use an oatmeal-based shampoo or make your own by adding oat straw to water and bathing your dog with it. Bathing eases itchiness, but this type of shampoo will further soothe his skin, especially if he’s allergic to environmental stuff.
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  • Vacuum every day, and use an air filter to reduce indoor allergens. Wash your dog’s paws after an outdoor walk to ease any itchiness and avoid him bringing allergens into your home.

Consult your local vet if your dog’s condition persists. Your dog may also be suffering from a yeast infection that’s causing his itchiness. Also, allergies don’t cause bad breath in dogs, but lip-fold dermatitis does, and it must be properly treated.

Meanwhile, you can help relieve your dog’s stuffy nose with the use of a humidifier, steam treatment, chicken soup, and aromatherapy while also also providing him with plenty of fluids and sleep.

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