A Dog Mom Shared How Her Special Pooch Made Surgery Recovery Bearable for Her

Animals are indeed a remarkable gift for humans that must be cherished and treated well. Each creature has its purpose — whether it’s for livelihood, world balance, or human companionship. Dogs have one of the most essential roles in this world. Everything’s better with a dog around because they can easily brighten a place. They are also the best companion for any activity — even for professional work such as police forces, rescue aid, and more.

Photo: Instagram/postothezippypuppy

Moreover, more and more people are getting therapy dogs due to the healing aura their presence gives off. However, it’s not only therapy dogs that help humans with their medical conditions; even your puppy at home has healing qualities. A pet mom has shared her recovery journey on Instagram after she underwent surgery. Her lovely baby, Posto, was a huge help during her recuperation. She posted an Instagram reel on Posto’s account with the caption, “How does your life change after getting a puppy? Spending time with your pet can be relaxing, encouraging the release of endorphins, which are brain chemicals that help us destress and feel good. And petting a beloved animal can even help lower your blood pressure.”

Anyone, especially pet parents, can agree with her caption. Dogs can certainly make people happy without even trying. Their mere presence can already put a smile on your face, which could also affect your overall health. They’re the most effective mood boosters you’ll ever have — making recovery a piece of cake. You’ll see in the clip that simple interactions with Posto have helped his human do so much more. Furthermore, dogs can recognize human pain, and they know when they are needed the most. The pet mom is blessed to have a sweet pup like Posto because sometimes recovering from surgery can be a terrible experience.

Instagram users have filled the comment section with praises and love for Posto. Others even shared their stories that also involved dogs and healing. “Absolutely true… They give us some kind of mental motivation that we try to heal fast,” labradorfrodo wrote. Indeed, recovery requires a supportive environment, and Posto did a great job being his human mom’s strength. With how touching the content is, the reel has already earned 916k views and 85k likes. Share the video with a loved one struggling to recover or survive an illness. They might be motivated to adopt a dog that may improve their healing journey.

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