Labrador Retriever Meets Curious Whale Shark In Australia

A lucky labrador retriever got the visit of a lifetime when a whale shark popped out of the water to give her a kiss on the nose.

The dog’s owner, dive instructor Jade Pursell, managed to capture the entire encounter on video and she was happy to share it with the world on social media.

Pursell was out on the water in Australia with her dog, Sailor, when the whale shark approached.

Photo: Facebook/@jade.austin
Photo: Facebook/@jade.austin

Much like her name suggests, Sailor is comfortable on the water and has traveled around Australia swimming, sailing, and snorkeling with her owner.

In a video shared on TikTok, Pursell explained that Sailor’s “favorite thing” is swimming. She said the dog “keeps up with me and I swim for a job.” Quite impressive, Sailor!

Photo: Facebook/@jade.austin

Needless to say, Sailor has encountered her fair share of marine wildlife, but getting to see a whale shark so close and personal is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a pup!

Sailor was perched on a little boat by herself when the massive whale shark come up to say hi. The dog leaned over the boat to get a closer look and that’s when the whale shark gave her a gentle kiss on the nose.

Check out the incredible video below:

Sailor meets a Whaleshark

Posted by Jade Pursell on Friday, October 8, 2021

According to the World Wildlife Fund, whale sharks (which are sharks – not whales) are the world’s largest fish.

They can grow up to 39 feet long and are often referred to as the “gentle giants” of the sea.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Given the video of the whale shark and Sailor, it’s easy to see where they get the gentle giant nickname. Despite sharks having an intimidating reputation, whale sharks are docile and slow-moving filter feeders.

Sailor has got to experience more in her 9 years of life than many humans do in an entire lifetime!

You can keep up with Jade on Facebook and TikTok to see more of her life with Sailor and their ocean adventures.

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