Dog Refuses To Use Elaborate Makeshift Bathroom His Mom Created For Hurricane Ian

Alexandria Atal lives in Cape Coral, Florida, and took all the necessary precautions in preparing for Hurricane Ian. She even went above and beyond for her beloved dog, Cooper, by creating an elaborate makeshift bathroom for him in the garage.

Sadly, it went unused.

Alexandria went to great efforts to make the bathroom as natural as possible with a square of real grass and even placed a potted tree in the garage to complete the look.

She took to TikTok to share that Cooper was not a fan of his bathroom and wrote, “Trying to introduce my dog to his new bathroom for the next few days….he is not buying it.”

Screenshot: TikTok/@alexandriaatal

The video shows Cooper’s reaction to all his mom’s hard work, and it is hilarious. He simply looks at his mom like you want me to use this?!

His face says it all…

Followers commended Alexandria on her efforts and were impressed by her design, even if Cooper was not.

“This is dedication,” wrote one person.

Other Florida dog owners could relate with many saying they were having issues too.

Cooper did however find a spot to relieve himself. His mom shared in the comments, “Right after this video, he turned around and peed on a potted plant while making eye contact with me.”

Check out Cooper’s reaction in the video below and don’t forget to share!

@alexandriaatal Trying to introduce my dog to his new bathroom for the next few days….he is not buying it. #hurricaneian2022 #hurricanedogs #florida #hurricaneseason ♬ Hell To Da Naw Naw Naw – Bishop Bullwinkle

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