Ollie The Labrador Loves Watching Movies With Mom

For me, the ultimate Friday or Saturday night is spent at home with a movie and some Chinese takeout.

Of course, everyone has a different version of what a great weekend looks like. In fact, since the weekend is only two days long, it’s hard to fit everything in at once.

Photo: TikTok/@good.boy.ollie

For one dog, he and his owner have a rather clever system of how to choose the weekend’s activity using a special jar. The pup in question is Ollie, also known as Good Boy Ollie on TikTok where he’s something of a big deal.

In order to make their weekends enjoyable, Ollie gets the honor of selecting an activity from an activities jar that is full of lots of options. For one activity in particular, Ollie picked having a movie night – and the results were adorable.

Photo: TikTok/@good.boy.ollie

For any successful movie night, the first thing to prepare are the snacks. For Ollie and his owner, that meant getting some popcorn going, and Ollie was something of an active participant.

Then, once the popcorn is done, it’s time for a change. A clothing change that is! No one likes watching movies in regular clothes. In fact, a movie night by default requires some comfy clothes like sweatpants or pjs. For Ollie, he actually decided to coordinate with the movie they were about to watch. Little Ollie pulled out a super cute Perry the Platypus onesie. He even had a stuffed Perry the Platypus toy to cuddle.

Photo: TikTok/@good.boy.ollie

Once everything is all set, it’s time for Ollie and his human to cuddle on the couch while watching the movie!

Watch Ollie’s fun movie night at home down in the video below:

@good.boy.ollie He only ever wants to watch the same movie 😂 #movienight #dog #labrador ♬ You've Got a Friend In Me – Cavetown

Do you like staying in and watching movies? What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday night? Let us know!

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