True Love: Dog Can’t Stop Looking For The Neighbor’s Pitbull Out The Window

Many of us can remember when we had our first crush. It is something that felt so real, and often, it was heartbreaking when things didn’t work out as we would like.

Apparently, humans are not the only ones who can have a crush because Hank, a rescue dog, has a crush on the pitbull next door. He is so enamored with that girl that he goes to the window every day to look for her.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

Sometimes when he looks, he can see Penny out and about. At other times, he just has to look out the window longingly and wish she was there.

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of this for Hank is the fact that he doesn’t flirt very well. According to Cuddle Buddies, his mother, Jennifer, says he has a lot of personality, but he is just a little awkward around the ladies.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

This does have a good effect because when people meet him, they can’t help but love him. This also includes Penny, who has fallen in love with him as well.

Per Cuddle Buddles, when Jennifer first adopted Hank, he was featured by a weatherman on the local TV station. He may have been a little strange looking, but that only made her love him more.

Photo: YouTube/Cuddle Buddies

She knew that Hank had difficulty because of the things he had gone through in the past. When she brought the broom out, he would hide in another room, but after he settled down, he’d started doing very well.

Hank lives in a very good situation these days. He has a human mom that loves him and wants to play with him and a pitbull next door that is the love of his life.

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