You’ll Definitely Want a Guus in Your Life After Watching This Video of a Bunny with a Dog-Like Personality

Rabbits and dogs are both well-loved as pets because of their adorable traits. They are great companions in the house, especially for a family. Once given love and care, they’ll surely make their humans feel happy and loved as well. Whether you adopt a rabbit or a dog, you’ll have your daily dose of cuddles, which are truly stress-relieving and provide serotonin.

But what if you can get both a rabbit and a dog in one pet? Not in a mutation kind of way, but a rabbit with a dog-like personality — just like Guus, a Flemish giant rabbit.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Regular-sized rabbits are already extremely lovable. However, no matter how much you want to cuddle them, it just isn’t the same as cuddling a dog, since rabbits are so small and generally are not fond of cuddles for long periods of time. Interestingly, there is a rabbit breed that grows up to the size of a dog, and it’s called a Flemish Giant Rabbit. A woman from Amsterdam takes care of one. Not only is the rabbit the size of a dog, but he also acts like one.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“He’s more of a dog than a bunny,” says Danielle. Her boyfriend gave her Guus since she was planning on adopting a pet. It was just a thought at first, then it was amazing how the giant rabbit became a huge part of their lives. “We trust each other, so I think it’s a very intense, loving bond. He follows me everywhere in the house. Mostly he comes to us. We just let him be,” Danielle explained. Guus is their number one source of daily cuddles, because he also loves it.

He also has freedom inside the house — they even let him swim in the pool. Danielle shared that Guus is an intelligent, cheeky bunny, and he knows how to get what he wants. Even the newly bought groceries can’t escape the giant rabbit. He is just as playful as a dog and exudes joy every time he enters the room. Similar to a dog, Guus warmly welcomes his human parents when they return home. He’s extremely excited around them — his giant ears perk up at the thought that his parents are back.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“Also, when you are a bit stressed, he just starts to follow you,” Danielle shared. “I never expected him to be a dog bun.” The rabbit mom was not used to a rabbit acting like a dog because of how bunnies normally interact with people. They are not as cuddly as Guus. Maybe Guus is a special kind, and his personality is just as fluffy as he is. Danielle and her boyfriend are sometimes surprised at the different sides Guus shows them. He is undoubtedly an interesting rabbit that’ll make you want to adopt one too.

Danielle shares photos and videos of Guus on the rabbit’s Instagram page. People can’t help but gush at each post — the rabbit can make you feel warm and fluffy inside. He is a dream come true for people who love both rabbits and dogs. If you are one, you can follow him on Instagram and show him some love in the comment section.

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