A Dog with a Sore Paw Learns How to Trust

Dogs have a way of reaching in and wrapping themselves around our hearts. They do it without us even expecting it, and before we know it, we are all in.

Things that may annoy us about the humans in our life are considered adorable when a canine does it. This includes the way a dog acts when he is hurt.

Photos: YouTube / Good Morning America

I’m not saying that it is wrong for a dog to act hurt when he is injured. It’s just that some dogs don’t have a dial to turn the drama up and down. It’s 100% from the very start.

Perhaps that was what was happening with the dog in the video we have for you below. The pup hurt his paw and had to go to the veterinarian.

She Saw the Dog Limping

According to the owner, she looked down and the dog was limping and not putting any weight on his paw. They don’t know what happened, but it must’ve been fairly dramatic for them to end up at the veterinarian’s office.

They told the vet that the dog had hurt his paw, and the dog was sitting in front of the vet being a very good boy. When the vet asked the dog to give him his paw, however, he kept giving him the wrong one.

It took some time and a little bit of gentle coaxing, but eventually, the veterinarian was able to gain the dog’s trust. Once he had his leg in his hand, he did some mild manipulation to see if everything was okay.

Photos: YouTube / Good Morning America

He said the claw looked a little loose but didn’t seem overly concerned about it. He was also happy to see that the dog didn’t try to pull his leg away, which he would’ve done if it had been seriously injured.

In the end, it was determined that the dog was fine, albeit a little dramatic. There was a little damage, but he would heal up without any problem.

You can watch the dog learning to trust in this video:

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