Dog “Almost Killed” Boyfriend In The Most Innocent Way

A woman couldn’t help but laugh while filming her dog nearly suffocating her boyfriend “in the most innocent way.”

Sydney Victoria (who goes on TikTok by @accidentalgrandma) grew a house full of dogs when she accidentally adopted a pregnant rescue pup.

Photo: TikTok/@accidentalgrandma

She meant to welcome one pooch into her life, but after that dog gave birth, she was surrounded by five puppies and Mom.

She regularly shares about her dogs on social media, and one video, in particular, has people in stitches.

Photo: TikTok/@accidentalgrandma

“My dog almost killed my boyfriend in the most innocent way,” she wrote in the video’s text overlay.

In the clip, you can see the dog laying on top of the woman’s boyfriend. It’s innocent enough, but the dog keeps moving up and eventually is sprawled across the man’s head.

Photo: TikTok/@accidentalgrandma

“This video will never get old. the way she stretches out after has me cracking up,” Sydney added in the caption.

You can see the hilarious moment for yourself in the video below:

@accidentalgrandma This video will never get old 😂 the way she stretches out after has me cracking up #fyp #viral #cute #dogsoftiktok #trending #adoptdontshop #love #puppy #dog #siblings #pregnantdog #adoption #oops #entertainment #closecall #warning ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

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