Dog Knose Art is Exactly What Your Home Decor is Missing

Dogs are messy no two ways about it. They drool and slobber and leave streaks and smudges all over your windows and glass doors. Part of their charm, you say? Well, in addition to being a healthy attitude, it’s one that’s shared by Missouri artist Nicole Peters. Several years back, Peters began a business known as Dog Knose Art. Smitten with dogs, she didn’t view the messes they left behind as unsightly. As a graphic designer, she viewed them as art, which gave her an idea. Why not create real art on canvas from the hodgepodge of smears in colors to match the palette of someone’s home decor? Kooky? Not by a long shot.

dog nose art
Photo: Nicole Peters, Dog Knose Art

If Jackson Pollock Could Do It…

Using Facebook as a way to display her work and take orders, she’s carved a nice little niche for herself in the expanding world of pet art. For starters, no one else seems to be doing it — or at least not at the time she started the enterprise. And it’s a cool and interesting idea. The end result may be your friends and family assuming you knocked over a bank and picked up a pricey Jackson Pollock, but it’s so much more personal than that. It’s a reminder and a memento of your sweet furbaby and your time together on this planet.

Photo: Nicole Peters, Dog Knose Art

Contemporary Dog Art

The process of creating these abstract pieces is surprisingly simple. Let your windows build up a mess of lick marks and smudges and then use your smartphone to take several photos of your dog’s “art” from several different angles. You may have to take a few car rides together to get your window good and streaky. You can also use pictures from French or sliding glass doors. Once that’s accomplished, upload the pix along with the particulars of your order. You can find the instructions on her Facebook page linked above.

car window with dog smudges
Photo: Nicole Peters, Dog Knose Art

Dog Expressionism

While Peters enjoys using canvas, the images can be printed on matte- or satin-finish paper for you in the color palette of your choosing. The end result is an original piece of art that will also be a treasured keepsake. Dogs are like our kids, and we hang their art — even if it is with a magnet on the front of the fridge. Why not hang your furry kid’s art someplace where everyone can see it? Dog Knose Art would make a great gift for hard-to-shop-for family members, friends who are dog fanatics, or to bestow upon yourself.

“This is something that is near and dear to me. I think the key takeaway is that as long as I can see the smudges in the photo, I can use them. That, and the artwork can be tailored to a specific color scheme,” Peters shared about her feelings and the process. Check her out on Facebook and see more cool work for yourself.

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