Dog Leaps From Car Window To Avoid Traffic Stop

Driving down the highway can be a really relaxing thing. It’s easy to fall into a lull with the music and the long stretch of road in front of you, that you might not realise just how fast you’re going.

As a result, if you happen to be passing a state trooper parked on the side of the road, you may get pulled over. It’s happened to all of us – sometimes when we’re trying to be careful driving, we might still end up slipping. And when that happens, it usually ends with a brush with the law.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

In Oregon, there was one state trooper who was going about a routine traffic stop when the unexpected happened.

According to Inside Edition, Oregon State Trooper Silver was on Interstate 5, when he noticed that a driver was going a little too fast.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

This resulted in him pulling over the driver, but she wasn’t alone. She had her two dogs in the car with her. One of her dogs, a pug, was quite sociable and friendly, giving the trooper a lick on his hand as he talked with the owner.

The other dog, however, wasn’t as chill about getting stopped by the police. Instead, this little pooch tried to make a run for it almost as soon as the car window was rolled down. While his canine companion licked the police officer, this slippery pup made a leap out of the car window to try and get away.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Luckily, he didn’t get very far as the trooper managed to catch him rather quickly. The grateful owner was relieved that the trooper was able to snatch up the pup before he ran away.

Watch the video down below:

Have you ever been pulled over with your dog in the car? What was your dog’s reaction to the traffic stop? Let us know!

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