Playful Dog Interrupts Intense Chile Soccer Match

It’s no secret that a lot of dogs like to play ball. It’s almost part of their DNA!

Growing up, we had a dog that loved to play soccer. She would chase just about any ball, but when other people started kicking a soccer ball around, she’d have to jump in and play.

Photo: YouTube/9Honey

It seems our dog wasn’t alone in that, as other dogs love soccer too!

One dog in Chile recently showed just how much she loves soccer, or fútbol, when she interrupted an intense match between Chile’s Professional Football Club teams Curico Unido and Palestino.

Photo: YouTube/9Honey

The game was taking place in Curico and was just 8 minutes into the first half when the playful dog bolted on to the field.

The dog went straight for the ball, running alongside the players. Thankfully, they seemed to have a good attitude about the interruption.

Photo: YouTube/9Honey

Once everyone realized what had happened, Palestinian player Maximiliano Salas stopped and scooped the friendly pooch up and carried her from the field so the game could carry on.

You can watch the hilarious moment unfold in the video below:

It’s not the first time a dog interrupted a soccer game and it likely won’t be the last!

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