Dog Sweetly Expresses Gratitude to her Human Through Warm Loving Hugs

Sometimes you might overthink whether your existence is as significant as others’. Those thoughts will make you anxious about your relationships, especially when you feel less than appreciated. You’ll start doubting yourself and how others see you. You’ll question how you act in a relationship, saying things to yourself such as “am I doing enough?” or “are my efforts seen?”

Photo: Unsplash/Nathan Anderson

For this reason, you have to check on your loved ones and see if they are alright. It’s only proper to make them feel appreciated, especially when you are aware of their efforts. Gratitude can be expressed in verbal and non-verbal ways. No matter how you express it, the person you love will surely be happy. You can say “thank you” or hug that person. Even a dog knows the importance of gratitude — people can learn something from Luna the Mini Cockapoo.

Photo: Instagram/lunatheminicockapoo

Luna is indeed one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever find on the internet. The video uploaded to her Instagram account shows how affectionate she is and that she likes to give warm hugs. You can see in the Instagram reel that Luna was the one who initiated the hug — her tail was even happily wagging. Apparently, getting warm hugs from the adorable Cockapoo is part of their routine after walking outdoors. It seems like Luna’s way of saying thank you to her human.

Their souls are truly connected, just like what her human wrote in the Instagram caption. He also placed a text on the video explaining what the hug was for: “My dog gives me a thank you hug every time we go out.” No one could possibly get tired of taking Luna out for a walk if you get to have hugs every day.

The video was so touching that it accumulated 147k views, 14.8k likes, and hundreds of comments. Instagram users were so fascinated with Luna that they showered her with love and praise in the comment section. Luna’s a good girl who deserves gratitude for giving lots of people their daily dose of serotonin, even from miles away.

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