Dog Howls For Owner To Play The Piano So He Can Sing Along

All dogs have their own unique little personalities. It’s quite adorable. With those differing personalities, comes a variety of quirks.

Growing up, I had a dog that refused to go to the bathroom during a rainstorm without an umbrella, so that meant that even if it was in the middle of the night, my mom would have to go find an umbrella in order to take the dog outside to do her business.

Photo: TikTok/@ashbi681

No matter how annoying some of their little traits might be, we love them nonetheless.

One dog owner definitely has the patience of a saint and plenty of love to spare for her dog, Goose, who is quite the aspiring Broadway star.

Photo: TikTok/@ashbi681

Ashton Biggs has shared a hilarious TikTok video that shares some insight into her struggles as a dog owner. Apparently, Goose loves to sing. For a dog, singing usually involves howling. We can only imagine the apologies she’s had to give to her neighbors.

But as Biggs pointed out in the clip, Goose has a habit of barking and barking incessantly until she plays the piano for him.

Photo: TikTok/@ashbi681

Once she’s playing one of his favorite tunes, it’s showtime! Goose goes on to put on a spectacular performance, and is surprisingly very much within key as he howls away to his heart’s content.

Clearly, he’s quite the musical theater buff.

Watch the performance down below:

@ashbi681 His passion is surreal. Goose has a few words to say 👉🏼 @America’s Got Talent @Jimmy Fallon #piano #dog #cute #singingdogs #sing #agt #sassy #Goose #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – ✨AB✨

Well, one thing is for sure, this pooch can always have a career on stage should the fancy ever strike him!

What do you think of Goose’s howling piano performance? Does your dog enjoy music? Let us know!

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