Dog And Horse Play Roughhouse Together In Adorable Video

Dogs and horses may not seem like the most likely friends, but after watching a video of the two playing together, you may be thinking twice about that.

A sweet clip shared on YouTube shows a beautiful horse and dog playing roughhouse together in the dirt.

Photo: YouTube/Robert – HumorPoint

The dog and horse take turns rolling around on their back and jumping around in the grass and dirt. It’s so cute and unexpected!

It’s as if the dog and horse are the best of friends, despite their differences.

Photo: YouTube/Robert – HumorPoint

Despite dogs and horses being evolutionary enemies, they seem to relate to each other through years of domestication and a shared love of play.

National Geographic released an entire article about how dogs and horses can relate through play, calling the way they both play a “common language.”

Photo: YouTube/Robert – HumorPoint

“These two very different species use the same facial expressions while having fun, suggesting the behavior is rooted deep in evolution,” the author wrote.

You can watch the horse and dog play together in the adorable video below, courtesy of Robert – HumorPoint:

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