This Adorable Dog Aspires to Be Part of a Horse Parade and Cutely Sneaks into the Line-Up

Dogs have always expressed their curiosity for things, most hilariously or endearingly. You often find them in the most random places participating in an act that triggered their interest. Sometimes those moments aren’t only because they are inquisitive, but it excites them. They can find fun in almost everything they see — making them a great source of joy and light. You’d see the positivity and beauty in the world again if you had a puppy around you. Canines can undoubtedly help you see the excitement even in the smallest things.

Photo: Unsplash/Cristian Castillo

The usual events or things you have around can become even more interesting when a dog intervenes. They add a twist and a fun factor which also happened during a horse parade. It was already an event watched by the crowd when suddenly a dog walked in the middle of the line-up. Spectators couldn’t help but laugh and be entertained by the additional parade members. Fascinatingly, the dog has a friend on his back — acting as its own jockey, and it was a doll. It looked like a cowboy who also perfectly fits the scenario.

Photo: Twitter/Buitengebieden

The dog confidently walked in with a smile, looked around at the other horses, and immediately marched with them. It was indeed a lovely surprise that brightened up the parade even more. Thankfully, the horses didn’t react badly to the sudden intrusion. The parade safely went on without any animal or human getting hurt. Those horses might have felt that the dog just wanted to enjoy the festivities and be part of the celebration. The dog could also actually be part of their team and has possibly been friends with them for a long time. Whoever the dog’s pet parents are, they surely helped him reach his dreams. Their support has made the crowd smile and laugh with the dog, who has his own jockey on his back.

It wasn’t just the spectators who had a dose of serotonin that day; people on the internet also witnessed the parade. A Twitter account with the username Buitengebieden curated the video from zurprisedj’s Instagram account. The 26-second clip already has over 800k views, 3k retweets, and 36.5k likes. In the reply section, Twitter users had fun sharing their thoughts and jokes about the parade. Send this tweet to your loved ones as well. They might need something to make them laugh, or it could be their next favorite video on the internet.

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