Watch a Dog Turn into the Most Adorable Boat Horn You’ll Ever See

Almost every day, the internet fawns over dogs due to their individual personalities. Some dogs become sensations because of their charm, wit, humor, or their dedication to a human companion. Their unique jobs are also talked about online — which are all contributing to today’s society. Dogs can easily catch everyone’s attention and interest. No matter what they do, people are totally in love with their very existence.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

Speaking of doing things, a Reddit user has introduced a new possible occupation for wonder dogs. Thund3rbolt uploaded a video of a husky standing on a boat’s edge. Seconds later, the husky started to howl like a ship horn. Thund3bolt wrote in the caption, “Best Ship’s horn ever,” and people couldn’t agree more! The howl would be an effective way to signal the boat’s location. Anyone would turn their heads when you hear the very alarming howl.

The 21-second video was so entertaining that it received 18.2k upvotes and hundreds of comments. It’s even funny when you watch it after a few times. The dog seemed to be howling to get everyone’s attention, like he was about to announce something. But even when the dog was simply standing on the boat, it could already catch the townsfolk’s attention.

Reddit users shared their reactions in the comment section. The discussion was a mixture of humor and informative comments. Onlyforthisjob also mentioned Reddit’s page for dogs with jobs. The comment garnered 117 upvotes, and people agreed that it was a great job recommendation. People would be thrilled to have a dog onboard. It completes the trip, and the boat can have safe travels with a howl for a signal.

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