Dog Helps Owner Shuck Corn

While dogs are often considered members of the family, they don’t usually have the same responsibilities that their human family members have.

For instance, kids are usually required to complete some chores like helping out with dinner and cleaning up after themselves, while dogs have a free pass.

One German Shorthaired Pointer, however, has learned how to pull his weight around the home by helping his owner shuck corn!

Photo: YouTube/Waggle TV

In an adorable video shared on YouTube, you can see the dog reaching out for the corn husks his owner is holding and using his teeth to pull them down.

All his owner has to do is hold the corn toward him and the dog does the rest of the work!

Photo: YouTube/Waggle TV

The best part? The pup seems to be enjoying himself!

According to the American Kennel Club, German Shorthaired Pointers usually “make happy, trainable pets who bond firmly to their family.” They have “boundless energy” and thrive with “positive training.”

Photo: YouTube/Waggle TV

It seems this pet mama got it right by using some positive training to benefit both her and her pup!

Check out the video below:

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