How A Clever Dog Helped The FBI Catch America’s Most Wanted Man

If you happen to have a dog in your life, you realize they are capable of doing some amazing things. It’s one of the reasons we love having them around because they are a constant source of amazement.

We also realize that dogs are capable of more than being man’s best friend, they can also help mankind in general. That is what one dog has been able to do, thanks to its efforts to track down Rafael Caro Quintero, one of the most infamous druglords in Mexico.

Photo: flickr/Federal Bureau of Investigation

According to 9News, Max is a bloodhound who is six years old. That’s not very old in dog years, but she is almost ready to retire. Before she starts her life in retirement, however, he was able to track down 69-year-old Caro Quintero.

In order to track down the drug lord, Max used his amazing sense of smell. Armed soldiers were not very far behind Max as he led them through the mountains of Sinaloa to where Quintero was hiding.

Although Caro Quintero has been guilty of many different crimes, he was especially wanted for torturing and murdering a US drug enforcement agent. He had already been convicted for this in 1985, according to the Daily Mail.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

After being released from prison in 2013, there were plenty of angry people. This included many US law enforcement agents who wanted him to come to the United States and face justice.

In an effort to capture Caro Quintero and bring him to justice, he was placed on the top 10 most wanted list by the FBI in 2018. If anyone gave information that led to his arrest, they would receive a $20 million reward.

Authorities managed to capture some video footage of Caro Quintero being taken out of the marshland. He was not looking very happy at the time, and he is now living life in a maximum security prison at Altiplano. You can see some of the footage in the news segment below:

According to the Daily Mail, Mexico received a request for extradition to the United States. That is the next step to take when you want to bring someone out of the country and have them face trial in the US.

As a drug lord, Caro Quintero was known for trafficking cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. Many of these drugs came from Mexico into the United States during the 70s and 80s.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He also was arrested for his part in the torture and murder of the aforementioned law enforcement agent, Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena. He was supposed to spend 40 years in prison but he was released after 28 years in 2013, according to NPR.

The two countries work together in order to arrest this Mexican drug Lord. It was called the most important capture of the last decade, by the former chief of international operations with the DEA.

Thanks to Max, the capture was a success and Caro Quintero will be behind bars once again.

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