Tips for Creating a Cute, But Safe, Halloween Costume for Your Pup

Spooky season is officially upon us. We’re cozying up watching scary movies, decorating our homes with pumpkins and skeletons, and planning some elaborate costumes… or just wearing something in our closet that passes as a costume. Often, pet parents want to get their dogs in on the Halloween festivities. If you’re thinking of dressing them up, be sure to share pictures so everyone can enjoy them, but also, you need to take some steps to ensure your pet’s costume is safe and comfortable.

Check Your Dog’s Movements

dog sitting outdoors in Halloween costume

Is your pup having a hard time moving around in her costume? It’s best to choose something different. The festivities will be a lot better if she has the freedom to run, wag her tail, and keep pace with the excitement. She needs to see where she’s headed, too, so make sure her costume isn’t interfering with her sight.

Keep It Breathable

dog dressed up in Halloween witch costume

When you pick out a costume, it’s very important to ensure that your dog can breathe freely in it, as well. Something that isn’t too tight and doesn’t block her snout or mouth is the best bet. When you know your pooch is comfortable and safe, you can breathe easy, too.

Avoid Hazardous Costume Additions

dog in festive Halloween pumpkin costume

You’ll need to watch out for dangers within the costume’s components, too. As a start, steer clear of including any toxic materials. You’ll also want to avoid hanging small items off the costume, as they can be chewed and swallowed, as well as anything else that could be easily chewed off.

Get Your Pooch Used to the Costume

dog dressed up as superhero for Halloween

We all want a dress rehearsal to be at our best, right? The same goes for your pooch. Make sure your pup has worn the costume ahead of the big day so she isn’t blindsided when you put it on her on Halloween. You’ll also want to give her time to sniff it and get used to it before putting it on in the first place. That way, you know she’ll be comfortable and at ease when the time comes.

Consider Some Alternatives

Dogs with pumpkin glasses and headbands for Halloween

What if your dog isn’t too excited about the costume, or seems to be really ill at ease when it’s on? That’s okay. You can instead opt for a festive bandana, collar, or leash, if you’re planning a walk. They don’t even need a costume to enjoy the day, either. Here are some fun ideas to mark the holiday with your pooch.

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