A Dog with 33 Pounds of Fur Was Given a Makeover After Rescuers Found Him in a Barn

Dogs require regular grooming sessions for sanitary and health purposes. Pet parents can groom their babies themselves, but they can also opt for a professional groomer. Most importantly, if the dog has a long coat, their fur requires trimming every four to six weeks. Heavy amounts of fur can lead to matting, which is a root cause of several complications. Your dog can acquire bacteria, hot spots, infections, and scars, and it also affects the blood circulation on the skin. Moreover, knots of fur can be painful, resulting in discomfort and inflammation. Also, during summer, the heat could get intense, and with a thick coat, the dog might experience heat stroke.

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Do not wait for your dog to experience the conditions mentioned above before grooming them. Shaving the fur is like a breather for them — they are relieved from a heavy weight. That’s why the first thing animal rescuers did after saving a dog inside a barn was to bring him to a groomer. Lazarus was trapped in a barn for a long time, which was evident in the heavy fur on him. Apparently, the dog was left there after his previous owner got diagnosed with a severe illness. He was like a walking cloud, but not the heart-melting type — it looked painful and uncomfortable.

Concerned citizens reached out to an animal rescue group to save Lazarus from his situation. The Great Pyrenees was trapped there for six years, which made him doubtful of other people’s intentions. As a result, it became challenging for anyone to approach him, even the rescuers.

Photo: Youtube/Inside Edition

Lazarus wasn’t only covered in fur but also dirt. The coat became heavier than his actual body, making it difficult for him to move. As soon as the rescuers transferred him, they brought the poor dog to the groomer. Lazarus was given a bath and a much-needed haircut. Jessica Kincheloe found it challenging to shave 33 pounds of fur from Lazarus. The dog was completely distrustful until he felt lighter. All suspicions were removed together with his fur, and Lazarus started to trust Jessica’s process. He was given a major makeover, which finally showed his natural charming face. The dog trapped for six years finally wore a smile thanks to those who gave him attention.

Apart from the makeover, Lazarus was taken to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue to provide him with treatments and therapy. The rescue center needed to ensure he was well enough before they could find him a forever home. Lazarus engaged in therapy so he could learn to walk comfortably. He was given a new life, as if he was a newborn again. After several training sessions, the handsome Great Pyrenees met his new family. The pain of being trapped in a 12 by 12 barn for six years was replaced with happiness. It was like the heavily matted fur symbolized his fears and doubts. And when removed, Lazarus was given a chance to move on and gain joy with his new family. Watch the video below to see his transformation.

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