Plan a Dog-Friendly Easter if You’re a Pet Owner with Kids

It’s almost Easter, and it’s important to remember to practice good pet safety if you’re a dog owner. Over the decades, brightly colored plastic eggs have gained in popularity for their ability to hide small toys and candies.

But plastic eggs with kids in mind can also be a temptation and potential danger for dogs due to those very same contents. Not only that, but dogs can also ingest broken plastic while getting to the goods inside. Unfortunately, those “goodies” are generally not good for dogs if consumed, and dark chocolate can be especially dangerous. Vets warn that chocolate poisonings in dogs double over Easter.

plastic easter eggs
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With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to keep them out of reach or skip them altogether when planning the kids’ baskets or setting up an Easter egg hunt in your yard.

Dog-Friendly Easter Items

If you’d like to include your pooch in the festivities as a beloved family member, you have some choices thanks to Wüfers, which is known for its canine cookies. They’ve come up with limited edition DIY Easter egg kits that come in different sizes. These paint-your-own Easter egg kits include selections of handmade dog cookies topped with yogurt frosting that are individually wrapped so they are easy to share or store. In fact, they have a 15-month shelf life from the date they were baked.

Easter dogs
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Dogs are Family

To give you an idea of what’s included, their Paw-casso kit contains 12 cookies, a two-paint palette of water-activated colors, and 12 paint sponges. To decorate them, all you do is dip a paint sponge in water, wipe it across the color of your choosing, and apply it to the cookie. All of the ingredients are advertised as safe for dogs with the caveat that they should be given as a treat, not as a meal.

If you want to dial it down a notch, a small kit includes six frosted egg-shaped cookies, six painting sponges, and one paint palette. And if you’re looking for a little variety, they offer bunny-shaped cookies in their Hop Stuff cookie boxes besides the decorated eggs.

Easter dogs
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Easter-Themed Dog Treats

Made and sourced in North America, the Canadian-based business states on its website that they believe dogs deserve to be included in all of the fun celebrations and day-to-day moments that make life special and connect us with one another.

They go on to note, “That’s how Wüfers came to be, and every day our small team of dog lovers and pet parents works tirelessly to design, bake, and send cookies to pups and pup-parents all over the USA and Canada so that humans and dogs can say I love you on birthdays, holidays, and every day.”

With that, have a safe and happy Easter!

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