Dachshund Displays Amazing Table Manners In This Short Viral Video

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any dog is a good dog, and any evidence of this truth must be shared with the world.

PHOTO: Unsplash/devn

How do you know if a dog possesses good manners? One obvious way would be if they’re well-behaved. Another way would be to see how they treat their stuffed toy.

Well… The last one isn’t really a reliable method to check a dog’s manners because that’s just anthropomorphism. But you get what I mean. I mean, we’re all probably guilty of treating our pets as our own children, no?

Anyway! I found a video on the r/aww subreddit that is just way too adorable not to share.

With over 22k upvotes, this video of a dachshund with its stuffed toy got multiple awards and melted the hearts of everyone who has viewed it.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Niki Sanders

The video unfortunately starts in the middle of the aww-inducing scene. Just imagine the dachshund fetching its pal first before watching the video. So we have this very good boy nudging his stuffed toy toward his bowl of food. But it wasn’t enough for the dachshund!

He made sure that the head of his toy was in the bowl – like it was able to eat from the bowl. He even nudged the toy’s head repeatedly to make sure that it was “eating” from the bowl.

Some Redditors suspect that the dog might need a playmate with the way it’s acting. Then there are some who think that the strange behavior might just be because the dog simply wanted to hide his food.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Mathew Coulton

But I’d like to watch this without giving too much thought to the dog’s actions. It’s a cute video and it doesn’t contain anything harmful, so that’s already a win for me.

Watch the wholesome video in the original post below.

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