These Dogs Were Rescued from a Dog Fighting Ring, and the Rescuers Are in Love

Every dog deserves to live in a happy home, but unfortunately, that isn’t how many of them live. Some find themselves in situations where they are abused, and others may even be used for evil reasons.

That is the case with any dog that finds itself in a dogfighting ring. These are terrible conditions, and no dog wants to fight in this way.

Photo: YouTube / The Humane Society of the United States

The unfortunate reality for these dogs is that they are conditioned to live that way. They don’t want to do it, and they are loving on the inside, but they are mistreated in so many different ways.

Such was the case for a dog named Dasani. She was rescued along with some other dogs from an alleged dogfighting situation.

When they rescued Dasani, they said you could feel the torment that was going through the pooch. It wasn’t only the dogs that were experiencing the torment, however; it had an impact on the rescuers as well.

When they looked at Dasani, they saw that she had scars on her face that had not healed. It was a sign that she had been fighting, and it really had taken a toll.

When dogs are rescued from these types of dogfighting situations, it is a very unique issue. It’s not just as simple as picking the dog up off the street and putting them up for adoption; you have to make sure that they are given every chance in the world.

Photo: YouTube / The Humane Society of the United States

Before they are even considered for adoption, these dogs have to be given time to adjust and trust humans. They also need to learn how to love, and Dasani found herself in such a situation.

She is a very timid dog and is lacking confidence, but they are happy to see that even after 24 hours, she is jumping up on the couch and is uncomfortable doing so.

Dasani still has a long way to go, but they hope that she is ultimately able to get into a forever home. She’s a very cuddly dog that deserves a lot of snuggles, and they hope that she gets a yard where she can wander around freely.

When dogs find themselves in this type of situation, the way they act is no fault of their own. Thanks to the help of these rescuers and many others who are doing their part, these dogs are given a second chance at life and love.

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