Woman Breaks Down The Different “Dog Energies” People Have

You’ve probably heard “golden retriever energy” being used to describe a hyper, happy-go-lucky type of person. But what about the other types dog energies?

Sarah Bergmark (TikTok user @sarabergmark_comedy) decided to dive into the different types of “dog energies” people have and it’s hilarious to watch.

Photo: Pexels/Svetozar Milashevich

She captioned the video, “It’s not all golden retrievers out there.”

In the clip, she explained: “Everyone loves to say someone has, like, golden retriever energy, but I think we need to like also say when they have a different type of dog energy. Cause I feel like I meet those people way more often, you know?”

Photo: TikTok/@sarabergmark_comedy

She then goes on to talk about pug energy, saying, “That’s the underdog but the one that you’re like still down to hook up with. Cause you’re like, ‘No, he’s like such pug energy. Like, I don’t know. There’s something about him… Like, yeah he’s quirky and he can’t breathe well but like I know he has a good heart.”

Next, she breaks down rat terrier energy.

Photo: TikTok/@sarabergmark_comedy

She says, “Like, this is the guy that buys you a drink at the bar that you don’t really want, and interrupts the conversation every time. Like, that’s rat terrier. ‘Oh yeah he had rat terrier energy’ like yikes.”

You can watch the video for yourself below:


It’s not all golden retrievers out there.

♬ original sound – Sara Bergmark

Due to popular demand, Sarah creates a series of follow-up videos that include other breeds. Check them out below:

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@sarabergmark_comedy #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Sara Bergmark

@sarabergmark_comedy #greenscreen #dachshund and #germanshepherd ♬ original sound – Sara Bergmark

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