Heroic Dog Helps Save Baby Girl Dumped In Trash Bag In Lebanon

A baby girl was given a second chance at life after a heroic dog pulled her from the dump and brought attention to her.

According to the National News, a baby girl was dumped in a black plastic trash bag near the city of Tripoli.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Tadmouri License: CC BY-SA 3.0

A stray dog noticed the baby and scooped up the trash bag in his mouth and started carrying her around.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan heard the baby crying from the bag in the stray dog’s mouth and immediately sprung into action. While it’s unclear how old the baby is, estimates range from hours old to four months.

Photos circulating social media show the poor baby covered in bruises on her body and face.

The Good Samaritan brought the baby to the Islamic Hospital. She was later transferred to the Tripoli Government Hospital. She’s reportedly in serious but stable condition.

Sahar AlAtrash shared photos of the baby girl on Twitter, writing (translated): “A newborn girl was placed inside a black bag in Tripoli, a dog was dragging the bag when a person passed by who heard a crying sound coming from the bag
What crime is this! The dog has more humanity than its criminals!”

According to safiralchamal.com, a journalist in Tripoli, Lebanon, Ghassan Rifi, also commended the dog for being more humane than the humans in the baby’s life. They said (translated), “It was not known whether the ‘wild lady’ who threw the child and fled to an unknown destination had intended to throw her in the area so that the dogs would finish her off and eat her corpse or to draw attention to her. But in all cases, the dog that dragged her was more humane in the face of the brutality and criminality of the one who threw her.”

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