Ducklings Follow Their Golden Best Friend Around In This Adorable Video

Duck, Duck, Go…lden Retriever?

By now, we have all heard so many stories of unlikely or unusual friendships. A goat and a horse, a dog and a fox, these stories usually are between two fellow four-legged friends. Now what about two bipeds and everyone’s favorite floof, a Golden Retriever?

PHOTO: Unsplash/Christian Bowen

The unlikely pair of a bipedal creature and a dog really isn’t that rare to see. We have had quite a few stories about them before, like when a Labrador adopted 15 ducklings or this story about a husky and his duck bestie.

Now to add to our ever-growing list of beautiful animal friendships, here is Riggs and his two newest friends, a pair of ducklings.

From the video, it looks like the lovely Golden Retriever, Riggs, is still a puppy actually. Not much is known on why Riggs’s owner decided to get him a pair of ducklings, but hey, I’m not complaining. Apparently – and this is the only information I have about the pair so far – the two ducklings were brought from a nearby farm somewhere in River Hills, Wisconsin.

I think the part where the ducklings are following Riggs as they walk outside what looks like a garage is my favorite bit of the video above. I’m not really sure why, but it’s just adorable to see the two tiny ducklings follow around a big fluffy dog. Maybe they think that Riggs is their mom?

Anyway, it looks like whatever wariness Riggs and the ducklings might have felt when they first met is all gone now. The three best buds can even be seen playing around (more like waddling for the pair of ducklings) in the grass with Riggs, who is seemingly trying to initiate playtime with the ducklings in the video.

To end this article, I give you my prediction on what Riggs will be like in the future with this tweet. I feel like Riggs is gonna go all out with supporting his two best friends in the future!

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