Former Agility Dog Runs Competition After Injury Leaves Her Paralyzed

A disabled border collie is inspiring people around the world thanks to her resilience and persistence in life.

The dog, Zip, was once a Master Agility champion. He’d run courses alongside his owner, Sue, but that all changed one fateful day back in 2011.

Photo: YouTube/sumico

Sue shared with CNN iReport that Zip was hit by a car while playing fetch. Their lives turned upside-down, as Zip was faced with a broken back, fractured hip, and other internal injuries.

He spent weeks receiving intensive care followed by months of therapy, but the damage was done. While Zip walked away with his life, he lost the use of his back legs and had to put his agility competitions on hold.

Photo: YouTube/sumico

Despite the challenges they faced, Sue and Zip continued to work together and make progress with Zip’s healing. The pup was fitted with a wheelchair to help him get around, and when he began expressing interest in the agility course, Sue was more than happy to take him. They moved the course’s bars to the ground to allow Zip to zoom over them with his new wheels.

It took a little getting used to, but Zip loved participating in agility despite her disability! Sue continued to run Zip in competitions and shows and even participated in a Glory Run for retired dogs!

Photo: YouTube/sumico

Sue shared on YouTube, “All funds raised were donated to canine cancer research funding. I ran my Border Collie and she had a blast! There are some pictures at the end of the video. The photographer, Michael Loftis, caught Zip as she lifted her front legs to jump. Muscle memory never quits even though the legs do.”

You can watch the routine for yourself in the video below:

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