One of the Rarest Dogs in the World, Quasimodo, Discovers What It’s Like to Be Loved

Remember Quasimodo from Victor Hugo’s famous novel and Disney movie, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame?

Well, in this story, you will realize that a similar spinal disorder also afflicts dogs. It’s a rare case among canines, and there are only about 30 dogs with Short Spine Syndrome in the world.

Photo: YouTube/truly

Now he has a Facebook page of his own under the name Quasi the Great, but Quasimodo was first found as a stray in Kentucky. The pure-bred German shepherd was taken in by a shelter, which cared for him until he was strong enough to be moved to a bigger animal shelter that could provide for all of his medical needs.

The KY shelter contacted Secondhand Hounds in Minnesota, and the organization immediately felt compassion for the dog, who was suffering from various illnesses.

Yes, aside from his spine disorder, Quasi has other health problems that needed special attention. Since he’s missing a couple of vertebrae, Quasi appears like he has no neck. But his neck actually bore a serious collar wound. He also had to undergo a couple of surgeries to fix a deformity in his tail and a problem with his genital organ before getting neutered. Months ago, his anal glands were removed due to recurrent infections.

Photo: YouTube/truly

As for his back, Secondhand Hounds explained on Quasi’s FB page that his short spine could not be surgically repaired. But his condition is not causing Quasi any pain, and he’s living his life happily like the other dogs in the shelter.

“He gets around just fine and knows exactly how to snuggle to fit into a lap,” Sara Anderson, the large-breed foster coordinator for the shelter told CNN. “He may not be as pretty as many dogs on the outside, but his heart and soul shine through and make him one of God’s most beautiful creatures.”

Photo: YouTube/truly

Due to the deep love that blossomed between Quasi and the people at Secondhand Hounds, and because of his special needs, the shelter has decided to keep Quasi forever. Today, Quasi enjoys playing and partying with his friends at the daycare center. At home, he guards and helps to take care of their family’s little minions and other adorable buddies.

What other things Quasi love to do? Watching TV and eating pizza chunks!

See more of Quasi and his buddies on his FB page!

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